Uttara Yoga Studio

Lateral Line: Saturday, July 29, 9am-noon
Spiral Line: Saturday, July 29, 1-4pm
Dorsal Line: Sunday, July 30, 9am-noon
Ventral and Core Lines: Sunday, July 30, 1-4pm

Much of a yoga teacher’s anatomy studies include the building blocks: the individual muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. While this is instructive and necessary, it is difficult to show students how they are a part of the whole.

When put in the context of fascial lines, however, our anatomy and practice come to life. This series illustrates how students can connect the dots of felt sense and experience wholeness in their practice.

The lateral line session explores the “body brackets” and left-to-right asymmetry.

The spiral line workshop investigates twists and allows the organic body to receive the benefits of the practice.

The dorsal line session addresses back body, which includes the densest and strongest tendons in our system.

The ventral and core lines workshop explores anatomical backbends and metaphorically opens possibilities. It then puts it all the lines together and explores our sense of self through stability and inversion.

Richard explains how these lines course through the body from head to toe. He then will lead a focused fascial practice to explore the lines in a logical way. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions. Bring your curiosity, something to write with and your sense of exploration.