Simply Power Yoga
July 22—23

Guiding the Quiet Revolution: Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion

Yin Yoga is the art of insightful relaxation, personal acceptance and contemplative awareness. Those who have experienced it are rejuvenated and transformed. The practice consists of long relaxed holds with an emphasis on the connective tissue and joints of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. It allows students to focus deeper into the body.

This specialized 12 hour training examines the following:

—Yin Yoga and Daoist philosophy
—Techniques to enhance meditation practice
—Anatomical considerations in poses
—Prop and non-prop modifications
—The role of language to enhance the Yin experience
—Techniques on incorporating Yin into a general class

The training includes a manual for continued reference. Students will appreciate your addition of Yin Yoga to their practice, and this training will enhance your own yoga sadhana.

Often yoga’s physical practice is marketed as “more, hotter, faster”, but more and more students are getting wise to this unattainable acceleration. Yin Yoga’s philosophy of stillness and independence counters this frenzied rush. Empower your students!