Emmaus Yoga
860 Broad Street
Emmaus, PA 18049

Root Understanding: 9:30am – noon
Reviving your Low Back and Hips: 12:30-3pm

Root Understanding: Pelvic Floor Vitality and Support

This all-levels workshop is designed to decompress the organs in the lower abdomen, strengthen the support structures around your hips, and improve the health of the pelvic floor. Students learn discerning actions in the legs, allowing the pelvic floor to ‘breathe’.

This workshop strengthens the core fascial line, which is the body’s central support and balancing line. We will also examine the role of mula bandha (root lock) and its wise use to provide blood and lymph flow to the uro-genital region.

This flow and detoxing is a boon to those who are at risk for prostate, uterine and bladder dysfunctions, and promotes a vibrancy in these crucial organs.

All levels welcome! Yoga Alliance teachers can receive 2.5 CE credit hours.

Reviving Your Low Back and Hips

The connective tissues in our lower back and hips play a critical role in our posture. If they are balanced, they absorb the shocks of our daily lives. Unbalanced, they can cause pain and postural holding patterns that extend through the neck and shoulders.

You’ll release your lumbar spine, sacrum and hips through a combination of long holds and fascial release movements. The practice also uses gravity as a tool to decompact the bones and discs, reversing its typical compressive role. We will discover ways to apply these techniques day-to-day to ease discomfort and maintain a consistent vibrancy in the lower back and hips.

This workshop is for all levels and no previous yoga experience is required.
Yoga Alliance teachers can receive 2.5 CE credit hours.