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Balance Frameworks: Yoga and the Art of Staying Up


Reestablish your connection with the earth and gravity with “Frameworks Balance.” We’ll establish a fine-tuned sense of where we are in space and learn methods to strengthen and maintain our sense of balance. You’ll explore your base of support and learn to design your own. Yoga students and teachers alike will learn the language of balance, so you can describe your experience and help others describe theirs.

Whether you’re an advanced yogi working with handstands or a teacher looking for ways to reduce the chance of falls in older populations, you’ll find this workshop helpful and informative. Richard’s insights into balance are designed to remove frustration that students experience when practicing. When we learn to speak about our experience in poses, we gain autonomy and contentment in our practice.

Global Frameworks: Yoga and the Lymph System


The lymph system is a series of rivers and channels that detoxes the body and aids digestion. This workshop is a guide to keep your lymph system moving and strong.

Through slides and discussion, you’ll learn the basics of the lymphatic system. We will review lymph’s role and pathways in the body, as well as how it interacts with our other systems. Then, we will practice a yoga sequence that supports your system. This is an all-levels workshop that assumes a generally healthy lymphatic system.