Adjustment Frameworks: Yoga and the Art of Touch
Sunday, March 31
11am – 6pm
Studio Oxygen, Poland location
1714 Boardman-Poland Road
Poland, OH 44514

Many teachers are only taught one type of adjustment, but there are several which provide a dynamic and thoughtful yoga experience. In this fun and informative workshop, we explore four different types of adjustments, each based on a different intention. We will practice with these adjustments in mind, and you’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice adjusting others. We will also review ways to align adjustments with the class subject.

In addition to the four categories of adjustment, the Frameworks method uses three types of teacher contact and three types of student contact. These provide a meaningful repertoire of touch. It is every teacher’s duty to help students develop shraddha (trust) in themselves, the practice, and the teacher in order to cultivate virya (strength). We will discuss how to go about this in a class setting.

Establishing consent and rapport with students prior to contact is essential. We’ll discuss preserving a student’s autonomy and their right not to be touched. You’ll even learn how to make an adjustment without touching at all.

This workshop includes handouts for further study. Yoga Alliance members can receive 6 hours of continuing education credit.

*Workshop will be held at the Poland Studio