At Sangha Yoga in Beaver, PA
Sunday, November 14

At Yoga Centric in Bel Air, MD
Saturday, November 20

Range Of Motion Activation (ROMA) is a technique designed by Richard to work on stability, posture and thoughtful movement. In this workshop you’ll identify poses and movements where muscles don’t fire, and focus on that activation. ROMA helps with joint stability, particularly at the ends of your range of motion.

This all-levels workshop involves small movements and big levels of concentration. We can bolster habits that work well for us and practice modifying the ones that don’t serve us. Changing any habit requires patience and diligence, and you’ll have plenty of time to explore these changes. You’ll also learn techniques for practicing ROMA at home to build helpful neuromuscular habits.

Below is a foundational ROMA practice to active our hamstrings. With one knee hugged in, place your other foot on the floor on top of a folded blanket. Press your low back into the ground. With slow, fluid motions, slide your foot forward on inhale, and slide it back on exhale. You’ll feel your hamstring work (and maybe resist).

These practices add intelligence to our motion and help stabilize our joints thoroughout their range. Enjoy!