Pop-Up HIIT Workshop August 7th at Yoga Centric, Bel Air, MD

HIIT, Yin Yoga, and Myofascial Release for the 30+ Crowd
Sunday, August 7
Yoga Centric
Bel Air, MD

Bring your mat, towel, and water! Join Richard to maximize your workouts while being safe. Myofascial releases prep our joints and connective tissues, as well as prime our lymphatic system. HIIT routines have been shown to increase cardiac fitness and blood health. Yin Yoga helps release tight connective tissues and has been shown to decrease stress.

After age 30, we begin to lose as much as 5% muscle mass per decade. We also lose bone density, elasticity and lymphatic flow. A thoughtful, well-designed routine can slow these processes down, and may reverse some. Richard (who is turning 45 in August) has designed a template that feels safe and effective for him, and has grounded this template in six studies on exercise and aging.

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