Yoga teacher Heidi Frick on her knees with her arms twisted into a yoga pose

Heidi Fricke

Frameworks 300 curriculum:

  • Clarify Your Practice: In order to be of help to others, we need to understand our own experiences. Practical skills and yoga philosophy will be used to begin the journey of understanding how our personal experiences impact the way we interact with others allowing us to better serve multidimensional populations.
  • Anatomy for Trauma Sensitive Yoga: People who have experienced trauma often lose a connection with their physical body and self. This portion of the training will give you tools to understand how to stabilize the physical body through muscles, bones and organs. In addition, you will learn tools and teaching practices to guide students back to center through anatomy of lungs and breathing techniques.
  • Facilitation: This part of the course will provide you tools to organize and create the trauma sensitive yoga practice into your teaching to support multidimensional populations. Facilitation is one of the most important tools when working with students. Your ability to interact with others through guiding them with gentle movements and breathe will set the foundation of self discovery in a safe effective way.
  • Active Practice: Heidi will lead students through practices on Re-Patterning, Re-Constructive Rest Practice, and Recovery.

More about Heidi:

Heidi is the founder of Simply Power Yoga in Cincinnati, OH. She trained directly with Baron Baptiste and has assisted many programs for Baptiste Yoga. The training and opportunities with Baptiste Yoga continues to make her grow both on and off the mat. She has also studied Anusara Yoga with Siana Sherman and Desiree Rumbaugh. Many world known leaders and teachers have contributed to the person she is today. Heidi is also trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Reiki. In 2013, Heidi was a presenter at Wanderlust Festival in Lake Tahoe California.

In 2014, Heidi started teaching mindfulness in the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center. Her studio now teaches in two other Juvenile Detention centers in the state of Ohio. She's also created a 200 RYT Teen Teacher Training and Leadership program, which has trained over 25 teen girls who are currently leading classed in the community.

yoga teacher Anthony Scaletta twisting in a yoga pose

Anthony Scaletta

Frameworks 300 Curriculum:

  • Yoga for Special Populations: For Anthony, "all yoga is trauma-sensitive yoga". His experience in Operation Enduring Freedom makes him exceptionally qualified to teach Military Communities, PTSD-based mindfulness training and yoga. Students will learn how to speak with and interact with populations on their own terms and in a respectful way.
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Students will be guided through seated and standing meditation practices based on the Dharma, the Buddhist path.
  • Mindful Partnering Practices: Students will practice partnering exercises based on Buddhist principles to enhance their listening and communication skills.

More about Anthony:

Anthony served as a US Navy Special Warfare Combatant Crewman with Naval Special Warfare Group 1 out of San Diego, California from 1998-2003. He was an 11 Meter RHIB Operator and did two combat deployments to the Northern Arabian Gulf region. As a result of the intense nature of his military service he was left navigating the mental and spiritual injuries of PTSD, anxiety, depression and substance abuse while also suffering from chronic pain throughout much of his body. At just 26 years of age, spinal fusion surgery was needed to repair his lower back from the repetitive shock trauma of operating high speed jet boats. It was through these obstacles, which were actually opportunities for growth and spiritual awakening, that yoga found Anthony and it immediately resonated with him as a way to heal and reintegrate his body-heart-mind after his military service.

Anthony believes that yoga saved him and then the teachings of the Dharma brought him home. Life after the military led Anthony down a destructive path at times as he worked his way through severe depression, PTSD, addiction and incarceration. Yoga was the lifeline that pulled him toward healing and wholeness. Anthony brings a trauma-sensitive approach to his instruction and is committed to sharing the practices in a safe and inclusive manner that makes yoga accessible for as many people as possible.

A 2014 graduate of the Asheville Yoga Center’s 230 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification program, Anthony is a certified Mindful Yoga Therapy Instructor as well as holding a Warriors at Ease Certification for Teaching Yoga and Meditation in Military Communities. In addition to being certified by the Transformation Yoga Project in Yoga and Mindfulness for Recovery, he also volunteers for the Give Back Yoga Foundation as the Outreach Coordinator for Veterans as a way to be of service to his fellow veterans. As a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, and Certified Crystal Therapist, Anthony weaves energy healing techniques into both his group classes and in one-on-one work with clients. He is currently studying mindfulness meditation under Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach in a two year-long Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program at UC Berkeley’s Awareness Training Institute.

Yoga teacher Deena Blumenfeld in a butterfly yoga pose

Deena Blumenfeld

Frameworks 300 Curriculum:

  • Techniques, Training and Practice: Learn to move through asana and pranayama specifically for the pregnant body. Modifications for a large belly and increased breast tissue will be taught. Contraindications to yoga practice, as well as asana that will specifically help a pregnant or postpartum woman will be covered.
  • Teaching Methodology: Language, and the words we use when talking to someone who is trying to conceive, pregnant or a new mother can make or break their experience and our relationship with them. Appropriately inclusive language will be covered. We will also discuss physical assists with a pregnant woman and the additional sensitivities that may go along with her current state of being.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: All aspects of pregnancy anatomy and physiology will be covered from pre-conception through the postpartum period. This includes hormonal changes, weight gain, breast changes, changes in the ligaments and joints, blood pressure and cardiac concerns, effects of pregnancy on breathing, displacement of internal organs, etc. We will also move in-depth into pelvic floor changes and recovery from birth. Changes in core strength, diastasis recti and other problems will be covered.
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics: Understanding the social and emotional environment in which women are trying to conceive a baby (fertility), are pregnant or are new mothers is a critical component to Ahimsa when teaching yoga to them. We will explore the culture of pregnancy and motherhood, within the context of the Yamas and Niyamas to grow our sense of empathy and to help better prepare these women to cope with their situation, within our scope of practice. Staying within our scope of practice as yoga teachers is imperative to preserve both the physical and emotional safety of the women with whom we work. Therefore, we will delve into that scope with real-life scenarios yoga teachers may encounter and role-play to learn.

More about Deena:

Deena Blumenfeld is the owner, principal educator, and doula madame at Shining Light Prenatal Education and Shining Light Doulas in Pittsburgh. She is the author The Silent Mother, a blog about the unspoken and ugly parts of motherhood, with a historical twist.

A Lamaze certified childbirth educator, Deena has worked with nearly 2000 pregnant mothers over the last nine years. She's supported mothers though natural childbirth, inductions, epidurals, and through planned and unplanned c-sections. Her clients have been married, partnered, single, LGBTQ, poly families, ages 17-47, and anyone else you can think of.

Deena is a mom to an elementary school aged daughter and a middle school aged son.