After working with Richard, I can’t imagine my exercise routine without him. He is very patient while teaching, always introducing new moves and poses with an acute attentiveness to my ability. He designs each visit to my weekly stresses and after completing our session I feel relaxed and open.
—Jeffrey Charles Pearce

One-to-one instruction means a focused setting for your practice. Private lessons increase awareness, develop flexibility and deepen your mind-body connection. Discover your personal power and grace!

60 minutes | $70
Five hours pre-paid | $320

A private group session can be customized to suit any group of students. Please send an email with any questions you have.

Maha release session  | $150

Our fascia is everywhere, covering our arteries, veins, muscles, organs and bones. Healthy fascia is supple. Through trauma, bad postural habits or repetitive movements, our connective tissue gets restricted and tight.

This session involves long holds, which help connective tissues realign and deepen awareness. We’ll also promote lymphatic movement to help clear your body of what it no longer needs.

The session lasts three hours. Be prepared rest and drink plenty of water afterward.