Update September 10: The videos this fall will be geared toward grounding, structuring, and stabilizing. I’m hoping to use my sequences to counter the temperature shifts, shorter days, and all the other changes autumn brings. Stay well everybody!

Update July 23: Since March, In lieu of teaching my weekly classes, I’ve started a Yoga Video Subscription package for yogis of all levels. I assumed we would be back on track in a few weeks, but the subscription series is on its 19th installment. Thank you to my subscribers for your support and your feedback, which has made the Subscription better over these past few months!

Included in $10/week subscription:

  • Two full-length videos
  • “Essentials” practice
  • Weekly reflection

Sign up by this Thursday, and you’ll receive two full-length videos (60-80 minutes each) sent directly to your inbox every Friday. One practice will be more dynamic and vigorous, the other more restorative and calming.

These two unique practices are all-levels, and feature both common modifications and advanced options. Like all my classes and workshops, I make my practices as inclusive as possible.

Don’t have the time for a full-length practice? No worries! You also receive a shorter “Essentials” practice (15-20 minutes ) every week as well.

Do you have a question? Just ask! I’ll answer as many of your questions as I can. Topics could include: Modifying a particular pose, how to practice the yoga breath, tips for developing a home practice, ways to use a particular yoga prop. Questions from fellow teachers also welcome!

These videos are yours to keep and to practice at any time for as long as YouTube exists.

The only yoga props you’ll need are a mat, block and strap

If you’ve been to my classes or workshops, you know I adore props. For the full-length videos, however, I’ll only use a strap, block and mat.

You can also get creative! Use a belt or dish towel for a strap, and a thick book or pot for a block. This will allow you to practice without purchasing much equipment.

Best Practices

This subscription series is open-ended; you can cancel any time. In the meantime, keep practicing and be well.

The subscription email with all the videos will be sent to you on Friday. If you’ve purchased the subscription by Thursday, you’ll receive it in your inbox the same week.

Enjoy this sample week of the Subscription Series. You can join and cancel at any time.

Dynamic practice—Light Returning to its Source

Especially if we’re self-isolating, it’s been hard to get our energy out. This week’s dynamic practice first opens our hands and feet, so we can guide shakti (energy) into our limbs. After a vigorous standing sequence and plank series, we then bring this light back to our Source with twists, abdominal work, and backbends.

The passage used during final relaxation is an excerpt from Rumi:

When light returns to its Source, 
it takes nothing 
of what it has illuminated. 

Calming practice—No Matter What Road

This week’s calming practice features long holds, which allow the poses to work on us. Supine practices are followed by abdominal breathing and relaxing spine work so we can settle in our space, wherever we are.

I read a poem from Shinsho at the end:

Does one really have to fret
About enlightenment?
No matter what road I
I’m going home

Essentials Practice—Sequence of Champions

This practice is based on Amy Cuddy’s TED talk and her follow-up research on “power posing.” Power posing is a technique used to boost confidence before, say, a job interview. “By commanding a powerful stance, we can make ourselves actually feel more powerful.”

This sequence incorporates several expansive postures and moves. We’ll take up space to feel strong. Sun salutations, side-body opening and warrior poses abound. Go get ‘em!

Weekly Reflection

I remember reading “humans move fastest when they are lost” and going into a semidaze for a couple days because of how obvious and novel this idea was for me.

This virus has made everybody feel uncertain. As somebody who has contemplated my own passing more times than I care to recount: It’s always been uncertain. Right now, we are all forced to feel it.

This feeling can make us better people. Trauma and catastrophe have created more good humans than villains.

We are all feeling the preciousness of life. Cultivate that feeling, and you’ll be a better human being, regardless of what the future holds for all of us.